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PHC- Yatsufusa~ by DarkHakaru
PHC- Yatsufusa~
(I thought he looked better on paper......)


Arcana: hangman

Information: Yatsufusa comes from a japanese story called Nanso Satomi Hakkenden Yatsufasa was a dog who Lord Satomi had jokingly promised his daughter Fusehime's hand in marriage to if the dog was able to kill the his enemy Lord Anazi.
Much to Lord Satomi's suprised, the dog returns with the head of Lord Anazi. Not wanting to keep his promise, he refuses to let the dog have his daughter. Fusehime leaves with Yatsufusa anyway.
A year later, Lord Satomi learns that Fusehime is carrying Yatsufusa's ospring and orders a solider to kill the dog in order to rescue his daughter. The solider succeded but ended up shooting both of them and then Fusehime's neacklace broke into eight beads and scattered in the wind. These beads represented virtue and would latter become the eight protagnists of the story.


dog: represents Logan's loyalty can be compared to a dogs to its master. it also represents her energetic and not being able to sit for long. It represents her friendlyness
The fire: represents her firey personality and her hot tempered, but it also represent the rage she feels towards her sister
the chain: represents the expectation she gets from her older sister, holding her down.


Agi; hits one enemy with fire
Sukunda: raises the agiliry of one alley
PCH: Tan Nerd by DarkHakaru
PCH: Tan Nerd

Pfffft I didn't realize how tan I made her till after I made her
Look she doesn't look ghostly white like all of my character lol

But this is for :iconpersona-cascendhack:
To satisfy my persona obsession -v-;;

and this character WAS going to be a guy but then I decided yesterday I wanted Logan to be a girl
with a boy name

Logan Emmeret

Persona Login: Yatsufusa~


Height: 5'8


Gender: Fem-male

Birthdate: July 16

Year: Freshie~

Living Situation:
Puella dorm

Extracurricular Activities: Anime club and Book club nerd


Evoker: Cascend Cosmo Gear

Weapon: Gloves with claw things!

Arcana: Hangman

Arcana Rank: Awaken

All American

making friends
having conversations
battline up close and personal
Pink! she despises it
being bossed around or being told how to do something
being bored
English class. She thinks its just re-teaching the same thing over and over again
her sister
being compared to someone
Serious atmospheres. She cant handle them for long
having to retreat

Personality: Shes a rather energetic girl, who enjoys conversing with others. She likes to be more active but she can sit for long periods of time if she has like a portable game system. She hates being bored and will often run off if she is bored. If its something she doesn't like what she is learning, she will become bored and do things like tap on her desk
If she dose get bored and doesn't have anything to do, she will go and randomly talk to someone just for the fun of it.
She incredibly impatient with practically anything
. Shes a rebel, so if you tell her how to do something in a way she doesn't like she will do the exact opposite. She is also hot tempered and will hold her ground in an argument. She also hates to lose and wont back down when being challenge, but she will admit she is wrong when she is. She won't be happy about it.
Though despite all her flaws, she really enjoys talking with people. Once she becomes friends with someone, she is completely loyal to them. If someone is accusing her friend of someone, she will defend them no matter what. She would even go to such extremes to risking her own life for her friend with out hesitation.
She can get be a bit nosy at times, but its mostly because she wants to help. She can get a little blunt, but that's mostly to joke around or tease friends.

History: Logan was always left in the shadows of her perfect sister, Erica. Erica was the definition OF perfect. Dazzling looks, perfect grades, an amazing athlete, a beautiful voice, pretty much everything Erica was the definition of a perfect child. With her mature personality and obedience, Erica made their parents proud of their daughter. And then there was Logan.
A girl with average looks, Not too amazing grades, was pretty good at sports, cant sing for crap, and was never even close to the perfect child.
Logan being the youngest of the two was often compared to every little thing as her sister. If she got in trouble, her parents would often bring up that her sister didn't do such things. Or if she got a bad grade, she would be told that her sisters grades. Just everything Logan did was just compared to her sister no matter what. Heck, People would even point out that her sister actually has a girl name.
It also didnt help that her parents would often put Logan in similar programs as her sister. No matter what she would always just feel like the second place no matter what it was. Even if she would try her hardest, her sister would always be better and receive most of the attention from their parents. It was just so frustrating, yet Logan kept it all it.
She was jealous yes, but she still loved her sister and admired her. Logan remained quiet about all these feelings for a long time, trying her best to be as obedient and mature as her sister.
However that would all change when Logan got to middle school.
Logan and Erica were both put in soccer by their parents. This time however, Logan really began to enjoy what program her parents forced on her. In fact, she loved it. It was something she had never discovered she would love. The rush and excitement of it all, just exhilarated her to her very core. Even if her sister was the best, she could care less. Logan was having fun and that's all there was too it. She was making friends with the other girls. Everything just went swimmingly.
It was when Logan had been walking in the school hallways and noticed her sister with some guy out of a window. It wasn't hard to guess that this was obviously a confession scene, but there was something odd about this one. Logan had watched until the guy became physical, pushing her sister at the wall. Logan startled and angry immediately ran outside toward the scene, and she tackled the guy off her sister. She then began to punch the guy who was struggling to get her off of her.
It wasn't long before the teachers came
In the principal office the two sisters waited as the principal was talking to that boy and his parents. It was quiet between the two. Logan, not able to stand silence, turn to her sister and said "Well at least I was able to get that guy off of you."
Her sister replied "Trying to steal my spotlight by trying to be a hero? Ha. I guess that's why you'll always be left in my shadow."
And with that her sister had left the room, leaving Logan in confusion. "What....." Logan was only able to muster in her confusion before finishing it, enraged "THE HELL?!?!?!?"
All this time her sister KNEW she was getting all the etention and had ENJOYED watching everyone compare Logan to her!
But No more!
Logan decided to do everything that didnt evolve her sister. Logan tried to do anything and everything her sister would never do. She quit soccer and every program she was in with her sister
It was around this time, Logan became interested in video games. She became a huge gamer which made her curious about programming. She then became interested in programming so much that she wanted to become one.
When it came time for high school, she had begged her parents to allow her to
Ventus Technical Academy. With much persistence, her parents finally allowed her to go and live at the dorms at the high school.
When she had moved into Puella dorms when she had recived this weird email from a mysterious someone. Being a bit too curious, she had open the email up and had clicked on the link.

Trivia: Orange is HER color. Nobody can have it.
Her hair is bleached blond due her trying to have different hair color
she studies math for fun lol
she bealives in hand to hand combat and thinks its a shine of weakness to be far back, away from the enemy
She likes the shape of stars for some reason...

Koga Chopper by DarkHakaru
Koga Chopper
Im so happy about how this turn out ;v;
This is my bab
I love him so much
Just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

So I recentaly added some sibilings to one of my ocs (like alot. They are a rainbow hair) and this cutie just stole my heart
So I decided to name him Koga Chopper from the name of one my fav jap-bands Gacharic spin (who is my fav)
similar to Oreo where she is name after the keyboardest
and since I was scanning some pics I decided to digital art this sketch I made for him
Aaah I love him so much
even if hes like 8 ewe
it also might be green is my fav hair color XD
But yay~~~
The goof balls (Collab) by DarkHakaru
The goof balls (Collab)
ignore terrible name

But this little comic is based off :iconleonagheringer:'s Gambit and my child dorkta, Collete, in :iconpkmn-mirrorworld:
Pfft I found this part (and many other parts) to be hilarious so I had to draw it and we decided to do a collab
so heres my part -w-;;
An awful sketch...
I noticed how bad the page looks because I drew it too light, so I had to darken the lines qwq

If you cant read it here are what little lines there are
1st panel
Gambit: You're gonna have to hop on, Arch is missing in action and I don't think your partner can get you up to that ledge.
2nd panel:
Collete: Will it hurt??

and thats it
Forgive me for my awful hand writing

Gambit belongs to :iconleonagheringer:
and Collete belongs to me~~


Hakaru Matsumi
United States
Erro!!! I'm Hakaru Matsumi! You can call me Haka, Evin, Hakaru, or Italy (it's my nickname). I am 18 years old and I love to draw anime (if you cant see that)! I love to make up stories and ocs and most of the characters here I own sooooo YESH! I do request but they might be a while, and it cant be something I don't feel comfortable about.

Heres some awesome peoplez you should take a look at and talk to. Because they are awesome.
So I am leaving for vacation today and ill be gone for two weeks. I really sorry if I replay late to comment/rping and once I get back I'll make sure to replay to all of them > <~
See you in two weeks ^ ^/

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