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The red skin dork by DarkHakaru
The red skin dork

my infrite (part fire elemental) paladin :3 
When your friends have high chrisma by DarkHakaru
When your friends have high chrisma
This is why you don't hang out with beautiful friends.

The only character that's mine is Kaiko, the girl with fox tail/ears
The otp is strong in this one by DarkHakaru
The otp is strong in this one
So this another campaign that I joined with high school buds and I really loved all the characters

We were a team yo!

However I really liked My character Renny (elf with pink hair) and :iconthatrobotninja: character Yotam (dark elf)
I couldn't help but ship hardcore these two one because LOOK AT THEM!!!
And second I like how despite Renny raised as royalty/nobility in an elf culture, taught to hate/fear dark elfs and Yotam not really liking elfs due to hostility from them, these two got along pretty well like best buddies. And I just
Tree Sisters by DarkHakaru
Tree Sisters
So what does one call her pic of part wind element sisters with name of trees? Probably something more interesting than this title lol

But heres my second pathfinder from :iconthatrobotninja: second (?) dm campaign, Evergreen the terrible, a sadistic bard.
I think this his favorite of my characters lol

Evergreen is the girl in the very front and the girl in the back panicking is her beloved little sister Maple ~<3
Happy Brithday Joore by DarkHakaru
Happy Brithday Joore
Happy super late Birthday :iconxjoorechii:
Im sorry this is so late and if it looks horrible QAQ I swear that it looks a lot nicer in real life

But yeah I really like Kakeru so I wanted to draw him for you
Happy late bday qwq

also this one is kinda older than the other pics im uploading so yeah q~q


Hakaru Matsumi
United States
Erro!!! I'm Hakaru Matsumi! You can call me Haka, Evin, Hakaru, or Italy (it's my nickname). I am 18 years old and I love to draw anime (if you cant see that)! I love to make up stories and ocs and most of the characters here I own sooooo YESH! I do request but they might be a while, and it cant be something I don't feel comfortable about.

Heres some awesome peoplez you should take a look at and talk to. Because they are awesome.
So I got tagged by :iconkisala10:
So here we go
Im also too lazy to tag people so meh.
Im lame so its okay.

So about me

1. I am currently in love and obsessed with Persona and I can talk hours upon hours on it. Its so amazing :iconsomoeplz: and you should play it!
2. My favorite color is neon green. Its so pretty!

3. I am currently really into Chvrches. and you should listen to them

4. Kyoukai no Kanata is probably my favorite anime and I have only watched about 5 episodes but I love it. It hit my feels :iconcryforeverplz:

5. I hate vampires. I don't know, they just bore me. Except for Servamp. Those vampires are interesting.

6.  Roserade is my favorite pokemon ever

7. My favorite character in the entire digimon series is Koichi from frontier. I have loved since I was a small elementary school student.

8. I am eventually be going away for a year and a half. I don't know where Im going yet ^~^

9.I know some Japanese >:3

10. I don't know what else to say lol

the questions

1) If you had one wish which will be granted, what would you wish for?
To have a female protagonist for persona 5 /shot/

2) Which fandoms are you currently in to?

3) Where do you see yourself in the future?
married with children!

4) Do you know the anime "Haikyuu!!"? AND DO YOU LOVE IT
I have heard of it. I haven't really got into it because I don't really care for sports. Kind of bores me....
5) Look at this picture… DO YOU SHIP THEM?!
SURE! They look cute! Who are they and where do they come from?

6) What's your favorite song?
That's too hard QwQ. So many good songs. Maybe the ending song for Persona 3
7) Are you into black-haired anime characters with blue eyes? because I am totally am
Use to be.... But now..... I don't really care for them. usless they are kind of shouta and then they are adorable
8) How are you?
9) I don't know what to ask you anymore. Is there anything you want to tell me? : D
Im a ninja /shot/
10) This is not a question but show me your favorite plzicon

and done >w</

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kaomoji set 1 9/19 kaomoji set 1 9/19 kaomoji set 1 9/19 
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