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O.R.G.A.N.- Kit Kat by DarkHakaru
O.R.G.A.N.- Kit Kat
For this lovely group :icono-r-g-a-n:
I came for the rainbow flavored cookies with magical sparkles
Any way heres my moody spy for this group

Name: Kitrina (Kit) Ivory (prefers to be called Kit)

Nickname: She thinks Kit is a Perfect enough nickname and will refuse to be called anything else
Unless if you want to call her Kit-Kat

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (dosen't really care what gender

Weight & Height:
52.6 KG

Organ: Feet~~~~~

Attribute: Shes able to walk on her bare feet without making any noises, making her kind of undetected. The perfect spy~~~
Though in order to do so she has to take off her shoes.

Profession: Shes pretty gangsta if you ask me

Kit tend to keep a calm and cool aura around her. She usually doesn't change expressions, and often is frowning. Though she may seem emotionless she really isn't. She is actually kind of bipolar. One moment she can be friendly and cracking jokes and the next she competently ignores the person and even threatens them to leave her alone.  She is hot tempered and can easily get annoyed, but she will never yell. She threaten to punch/kick whoever bugging her and will resort to violent. She can be impatient and if she dose not get what she wants, she use force. She can be brutely honest and expects you to do the same for her. She is often sarcastic. She doesn't trust people easily and will take awhile before she actually comes to like someone.
She adores fighting, and will grin with the excitement of battles
Despite her constant pushing people away, she actually really likes peoples company. She likes having conversations with people and can get lonely easily. She's basically like a cat XD
She also ADORES cats~
She sometimes bring homeless cats to work which she had randomly found
She also like to sneak up on people and startling them (if they her friend). So she can be a bit mischievous

Reason for coming to O.R.G.A.N: She thinks the police is pathetic and somebody else

History: When Kit was 1 years old her parents died in a car crash. They left her eighteen year old brother and her orphans. Her brother than quit his final year in high school to begin working to support them. He worked multiple jobs and tried his best to raise his baby sister. Sometimes his high school friends would also come and help babysit her. Despite all her brothers hardships, eventually they were kicked out of their actual house and forced to live at a friends family, Kit remembers that her brother never complain and always smiled. She adored her brother. His selfishness and kindness, he was her hero.
When she turned 10, she began to notice her brother bringing more money home than usually and that he came more home than usual. She was suspicious, but she was just happy he was home more than usual. Though she did notice that he wasn't as happy as usual. One day she decided to follow him. When he said his usual, "see you later.", she took off her shoes and followed after him. At this point she knew that for some reason she was able to sneak around and not be noticed.
As she followed her brother through out the town until she followed him into a dark alley way. She quickly hid herself from sight. She then noticed a big group of rough looking men and women. The tallest man, who she could only assume to be the leader began to speak something to her brothers. She couldn't hear what the man said, but her brother quickly did a Japanese bow thing. She could her him yell "I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore! I just feel guilty every time we do horrible things to somebody! I don't want to do this anymore! I want to leave!"
Kit stood behind the dumpster confused beyond belief. Horror then struck through her as the leader then punched her brother and then the gang began to surround him. In desperation, she then ran out of the seen unnoticed, trying to find anyone to help! As she ran, she then saw a police officer began eating a donut. She then tug of his uniform, begging him to come and save her brother. He listen to her entire story, but then he just had a grin. He patted the child Kit and told her to go and play her games somewhere else. She realized he wasn't going to help her. She then ran back to the alleyway where her brother was getting beat up. She found him dead and bleeding on the ground.
She has since blamed the police for her brothers death for not coming to his aid. She also blamed herself for being so young to even do anything except run.
She was allowed to stay at her brothers house, but once she was able to work, she dropped out of school.
Still holding her anger, she happen to stumble on O.R.G.A.N.
After finding out that they work faster than the police and consist of people who also had abilities, she immediately join.
She could be something better than the police.

Her hat (her brother gave it to her)
Honest people
Music (cant stand country though)
surprising people
her headphones

Nosy people
people who wont back off if she tells them too

Her Headphones has Kitty ears!
She actually naturally blond, but likes to dye her hair different colors
Hates pink but will get anything with cats, even if its pink
Due to her brother, she actually like helping others

Relationships: lolz None

RP Method:
I prefer Notes and paragraph/literature
But I will do Skype and/or Skript -w-;;
Just ask for my skype name if you want it >:3
Collab by DarkHakaru
So its then end of the Halloween swap in the :iconpkmn-mirrorworld:
and me and :iconbutlervicki: were talking and we decided to do a collab with everybody who made their pokemon partner
and since I cant do digital because I lost my pen we decided that I do the sketch
/sobs/ I think I made a lot of mistakes with everyones character Q~Q
Except for Titus because hes mine so
But I hope this is okay QAQ

none of these characters are mine except for Titus -w-;;;
Spheal the shouta prince by DarkHakaru
Spheal the shouta prince
an event I didnt miss or was super late to summit anything qwq
So this is for the event in :iconpkmn-mirrorworld:
This event switches the partner pokemon and the person so.... I made my spheal become a human.
For a limited time only.
So Spheal is probably the VERY reason Giratina regrets switching places of the servents and pokemon partners.
I also randomly throw a name in for him.
though Collete would still call him spheal
But anyway Titus is really bratty. He cant speak except for grunts and random noises but human form he can talk :iconyay-plz:
dosen't it want to make you rip your ears out? :D
But yah I really didnt just want to have ONE picture of just him with Collete
So I drew random events
Blushies by DarkHakaru
So :iconkaybun: made a cute little picture of these two
PKMN-SF Lyla+Kain
and since you see them backwards, I thought it would be fun to make a picture of what it would look like if you saw their faces.
and here they are~
I really do enjoy making fun of my characters.
I am a terrible person.
Lyla belongs to :iconkaybun:
Lyla and Kain comic by DarkHakaru
Lyla and Kain comic
So tis was originally for the event at :iconpkmn-somniumfantasia:
but then I found out it ended like almost a week ago.....
I need to keep better track of events

So for the event dis lovely person, :iconkaybun: drew my dork getting trample by a bunch of pumpkaboo
heres da pic: PKMN-SF Mini Event II
So I thought for my "event" entry, I would make a comic about how this happen :D
Now you may all now know how awful my hand writing :iconyay-plz:
Its awful... I know TTwTT
I also didnt like who the very first panel turn out -sigh-
I thought the red would look cute as shading, but I really really disliked it - -
So I also noticed how little my writing looks on the picture so I'll putting what it says on the description
So it starts off with Lyla as she says to Kain
Lyla: Hey Kain, since both spirits and demons have to get rid of the pumpkaboo, lets work together.
Kain:..... (pouting)
Lyla: Now, Now. Just because the demons lost before (referencing the last not mini event), doesn't mean you should be grumpy.
Kain: Im just disappointed that these things aren't derpy.
Lyla: /laughs/ Kain your so weird.
Kain: Says the person who has Kain-sensing abilities.
Lyla: WAH-!? I DO NOT!
Kain: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.
Lyla: Whatever! I'll work over here by myself.

and thats the end of diologue.
at the end Kain gets mushed by pumpkaboo.
So yah thats it o3o
Sorry if I made Lyla OoC Q3Q
Lyla belongs to :iconkaybun:


Hakaru Matsumi
United States
Erro!!! I'm Hakaru Matsumi! You can call me Haka, Evin, Hakaru, or Italy (it's my nickname). I am 18 years old and I love to draw anime (if you cant see that)! I love to make up stories and ocs and most of the characters here I own sooooo YESH! I do request but they might be a while, and it cant be something I don't feel comfortable about.

Heres some awesome peoplez you should take a look at and talk to. Because they are awesome.
So I am leaving for vacation today and ill be gone for two weeks. I really sorry if I replay late to comment/rping and once I get back I'll make sure to replay to all of them > <~
See you in two weeks ^ ^/

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