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PMW- The one with no memory by DarkHakaru
PMW- The one with no memory
For :iconpkmn-mirrorworld:
Shes too happy for this world lol
My little Ditzy-ta


Age: 19??

Gender: Female

Species: Ponyta~

Birthday: she thinks its Febuary 8

Position: neutral

Nature: Mild

Summary Characteristic: Often Lost in thought

Ability: flash fire

1. Agility
2. Flame charge
3. flame wheel
4. stomp

Collete entered the mirror world with no memory of her past. She awaken to find herself not knowing who she was or where she was. All she could remember was her name, which was Collete and normal human actions like eating, sleeping, remember to speak, etc, but her memories how she got there, how old she was, her birthday, basically everything was gone from her mind. Despite all this though Giratina still took the lost ponyta to where the others where. He also gave her a speal, who happen to almost become her conscious. To her, he had saved her when she was a no one, lost and confused in this world, and she was grateful to him. Wanting to pay him back, she was completely loyal to Lord Giratina doing whatever he asked, just trying to make herself useful anyway possible, which was mostly just cleaning things around their home. As she cleaned, she began to overhear anti conversations on how they wanted to leave this world and how they hated Giratina. She could understand them, but since she was still trying to re learn speech, she listen closely to their conversations. She then listen to how they were forced into this world and taken away from their parents. As they chatted she began to wonder about her own life. Why was she here? Was she forced into this world too? Did she have family too? Were they worried about here. As she wondered these thoughts, doubts of her trust in Giratina began to decrease. She felt terriably guilty for doubting the man who saved her, but she couldn't help it. She then went to Giratina a said all of her doubts to him. She then requested to start the neutral jobs until she regains all her memories and truly decides based on them of whos side shes on. Since then she has been on the neutral side, she has tried to spread positive energy to all her coworkers. Though due to her memory lost and clumsiness, she is basically awful and cant help at all with the neutral jobs and is told not to even bother trying or she end up killing people. To make her feel like she not a blob of nothing who useless and good for nothing, she ends up doing the anti's job of cleaning things anyway.

Personality: Collete is a very cheerful ditzy girl who just wants everyone to be happy. She will try her best to say words of encouragement to all her team mates. She is overly positive and tries to find a positive to everything, unless someone died..... She just try to lift up the persons spirits then
Despite trying to encouraged her team mates, she is actually incredibly insecure. Shes already very sensitive to the fact she has no memories, and it bugs her even more when she can't help. She dosen't want to be a bother to people so she'll try to do anything to help out people. She also can be clumsy and compliments make her face the same red as her hair. She also can be incredibly apologetic if you yell at her too much. Also if she makes any mistakes, her angry ball of love will use roll out and trip her. Sometimes when she is alone she will be lost in thought, just trying to remember who she is.
Despite this, she always tries to hide her feeling and smile when ever she can. Even though she knows people hates the mirror world, she wants them to have at least some good memories of this world then just thinking they are prisoners. Shes also kind of gullible

Being happy~
cheering up people~
Trying her past~

Likes and dislikes:
+speal :heart:
+helping people
+making people happy
+being useful
+bitter food

-being useless
-when speal uses roll out on her
-the fact she has no memories
-people being unhappy
-causing more problems

Quote: "I have no memories, but if there is anything I can do to help, please tell me"
Shes cant handle sweets at all. Sweet foods are way to strong for her
If she gets way to embarrassed, she will accidentally use stomp to make them stop, but will feel incredibly guilty and will try to apologize or help them out with anything
Speal is incredibly prideful, and he thinks hes the most amazing thing ever to be born
EDIT: I adding some things to him.... hope its okay

For :iconpokespace:
*cough* okay. im done
look how purple he is lol

Name: Dan Nitro

Nickname: NERD

Gender: Male

DOB/Age: 20

Type of Pokemon: Flying/Dragon

Pokemon name: Noibat

Side: Opposer

Job: Gamer

Hes a very hyper an enegetic dork, with a mottor mouth and will talk your ears off all about video games and how amazing they are. He can be very competative at abything to do with video games. He also hates to lose at something he is good at and will get really mad if he loses. Hes very simple minded and dosen't think of ANYTHING but video games. He is obbsessed with video games <stike>asyoucantell and would rather not eat or drink for 3 days than live without videogames, so sometimes he ends up passing out due to hunger or thirst. Even though hes mostly into video games, he enjoys listening to music through his headphones and enjoys watching/reading anything that has to do with comic book heroes. He enjoys collecting anything to do with super heroes and will constantly re-read/watch them. Though despite this hes overly cheerful and carefree and dosen't judge people. He dosent hate people and is very smiley person.
though hes still an idiot

History: Dan was born on the spaceship in a very ordinary family. They were never rich but they were pretty normal. They were no different then anybody else on the ship. Dan addiction towards video games began through his elder sister and increased over the years. Despite his addiction, he was pretty ordinary and he was just find with that. His dream was also Being in space didn't bother him to much or the fact they had this mysterious leader they followed until he discovered that their so called leader was a computer. Horrified Dan came with this crazy idea that this computer could easily corrupt all his save files. Due to his odd imagination and fasination with comic book heroes, he then began to think of what this "computer" leader can do their very lives with being able to control data because it is after all, the leader of the ENTIRE ship. The comic books did teach many things, and it always taught a computer in charge of everything was a terrible idea and when the computer turn evil, theres was always fire and death. He then began to think of insted of random NPCs lying on the ground, people he knew or maybe his family were those people. He then decided to become a traitor and take a stand against the computer. Sure, going against the leader would make him a traitor, but if he would be able to save lives when the computer turned evil would be the most rewarding of all. He then began to plan out how he would battle a computer and maybe the entire army, until he discovered the black market. He was pretty relived that he wasn't the only one who didn't like the computer leader and he wasn't going to have to do it all alone.

Friends? ha ha ha what are friends? I guess ill update this when he gets friends ifhedoes

+video games!!
+people who like videogames or will listen to him rambling
+his headsets
+a challenge!
+ competing with someone
+Comic books
+comic heroes
+super hero movies

-having to take breaks from video games
-people who tells him to get off his video games
-competing with someone
- crazy robot lady who can corrupt his data
-losing all his hard work

Sexuality: when he has time for an relationship probably pansexual? it probably have to be someone who is willing to always play video games for him qwq
Event 6- representing the demons by DarkHakaru
Event 6- representing the demons
So the demons are in the lead YAY!! goevil!!!
So heres Gale
representing the demons
with all his butifulz green on him
and his shiny glasses
Dis beautiful green snake belongs to :iconmuruni:
[PKMN-SF] Cutie chu~ by DarkHakaru
[PKMN-SF] Cutie chu~
......... I have no regrets
So :iconkaybun: wanted a picture of how Kain's pants looks like in the real world (basically a reference sheet)
So I drew this -v-
This is Lyla and Kain's human form
I didn't like how this one turn out compared to the other one but its still cute
Lyla is not mine!
The awkward ginger kid is though


Hakaru Matsumi
United States
Erro!!! I'm Hakaru Matsumi! You can call me Haka, Evin, Hakaru, or Italy (it's my nickname). I am 18 years old and I love to draw anime (if you cant see that)! I love to make up stories and ocs and most of the characters here I own sooooo YESH! I do request but they might be a while, and it cant be something I don't feel comfortable about.

Heres some awesome peoplez you should take a look at and talk to. Because they are awesome.
So I am leaving for vacation today and ill be gone for two weeks. I really sorry if I replay late to comment/rping and once I get back I'll make sure to replay to all of them > <~
See you in two weeks ^ ^/

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